Every Child Deserves the Opportunity to Learn


Every Child Deserves the Opportunity to Learn, Grow and Develop to their Full Potential. The Ag 4 Youth™ A4Y is a nonprofit, agriculturally-focused community organization offering after-school programs designed to support and assist disadvantaged and at-risk youth ranging from ages 9 – 19 years. Each student participant raises one or more project animals to show in the local fair. The students’ profit earned from the sale of their animals goes into an account to be saved for their future education. Hands-on involvement in ranching and agriculture is integral to the program, along with the development of a strong work ethic, compassion for others, and a sense self-worth.




A4Y Ranch Director Paul Tarap, manager of Napa Valley’s Stewart Ranch and formerly of Christian Brothers Ranch, brings to the table a wealth of knowledge and experience in ranch management, as well as working with disadvantaged youth. Paul’s dedication to ranching, his love of kids and his vision for a better community have come together in the establishment of Ag 4 Youth. A4Y is the continuation of Paul’s mission to educate and assist underserved youth, while promoting the virtues of ranching, animal husbandry, and local community agriculture.




Ag 4 Youth is looking for HIGH SCHOOL


interested in helping elementary and middle school students with homework and general tutoring.


We are asking for a minimum commitment of 2 hours

per week beginning on January 9th. Ideal hours are 3-5 PM Monday through Friday but other hours can be arranged.

Ag 4 Youth is looking for volunteers in the following areas:

      Tutoring (elementary school through high school)

      Event planning and organizing

      Gardening/farming instruction

      Agricultural animal support/instruction

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