Every Child Deserves the Opportunity to Learn

Our Philosophy


Underserved children and teens make positive life changes through agricultural education.


In our after-school ag program, underserved Napa youth, from age 9 through 19, get hands-on lessons in animal husbandry, gardening, ranching and business.


Ag lesson #1: Work Hard

Each youth keeps a ranch animal fed, watered and healthy. And while tracking its diet, growth and cost data, they gain the skills, work habits and confidence that result from responsibility. And their efforts pay off, both personally and financially.


Ag Lesson #2: Do the Math

All Ag 4 Youth students raise at least one animal per year. They obtain financing, and provide care and training for each animal. After selling their  animals, students repay their loans and feed costs; the remaining profits are held for them in a savings account. At age 18 they are given access to the   account and encouraged to use their profits for higher education.


Ag Lesson 3#: Earn Trust
Animals need care 365 days a year. Students learn to work as part of a team to care for all of the animals, in all weather and during holidays. Trust makes for good teamwork—on the ranch and off.


Ag Lesson #4:  Build A Work Ethic
A strong work ethic is built only by work experience, and our participants are highly    complimented by employers who hire them.  After completing Ag 4 Youth, our participants start their adult lives with a basic business and finance education, a solid work ethic and savings for the future.


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