Every Child Deserves the Opportunity to Learn


Tutor a child

Ag 4 Youth participants need homework help after school. We need volunteer tutors willing to undergo a live scan fingerprint scan and some basic training in tutoring at-risk youth on site.


Sponsor an animal

Your business can sponsor the raising of an animal by Ag 4 Youth participants by covering the purchase of the animal and its feed.

For more information, call Paul Tarap at (707) 738-3079.


Let us raise your family’s meat, locally

For safe, locally-raised meat, purchase your lamb, beef and pork from Ag 4 Youth. For pricing and more information, call Paul Tarap at (707) 738-3079.


Order a pig or goat to roast at your event

Ag 4 Youth can provide the animal for you next roast, when you plan in advance. For more information, call Paul Tarap at (707) 738-3079.


Buy our farm-fresh eggs

Eggs will be sold by our youngest participants, in the small animal program we hope to see functional by fall of 2015.


Purchase our pesticide-free vegetables

Summertime is when you can purchase our healthy vegetables and fruits, raised without chemical pesticides in the garden tended by Ag 4 Youth participants.


2014 Fundraiser

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We would like to thank our generous sponsors!